What Makes A Great Explainer Video?

There is no single factor that makes a killer explainer video, rather there are multiple factors that combine to create an explainer video and the better the more optimized these factors are, the better the video and greater the number of conversions and satisfied customers.

Each and every factor, when analyzed and thought through properly results in creation of a quality explainer video. If the video is good in all its respects but is lacking in one area, it mars the goodness of the entire video and brings down its level of effectiveness. The lines below discuss some core elements that need to be done right in the making of a quality explainer video.


The script of the video is the backbone of the entire offering. It is the script that makes or breaks the explainer video. The script should always be written by keeping in mind the target audience. It should not be too loaded with information, neither should it be all about fun, rather the script should strike a balance between the two making sure that the target audience gets information in addition to staying interested in the video.

Short and To the Point

The word ‘video’ in ‘explainer video’ does not mean that you should make it as long as you like, rather the general rule of thumb regarding explainer videos is that it should be less than 2 minutes. Therefore, you have to carefully select the right words for whatever you need to say and make sure that you are to the point in the video and every single word that you use counts and has an impact on the video.

Keep It Simple

Another thing to keep in mind pertaining to creation of effective videos is simplicity. Here simplicity does not stand for making a dull video that has no element of attraction, rather keeping it simple stands for being to the point. Tell the audience about their problem, offer them a solution and then ask them to take a particular action. Your entire video should try to cover these points in the swiftest and simplest of manners.

Focus On Benefits

Most of the times it happens that businesses when creating their explainer video start focusing on the features of their products instead of focusing on the fact that how those features are going to benefit the target audience. Although features are for the benefit of the audience, however, the audience also needs to know that explicitly and it should be the focus of the video and not explaining mere features.

Professional Voiceover

Usually it’s the moving images and the background voiceover in the explainer videos, therefore, the way you say something in the voiceover is of the same importance as is the graphics or images you use in the video. Therefore, it is important that you consider using a professional voiceover that complements all the visual appeal and not distorts it by being abrupt and unapt.


In a nutshell, it is imperative for a business owner to take explainer videos seriously and focus upon each and every element of its production. The more research and scrutiny is placed on the elements of production, the better the results in terms of increased effectiveness of explainer video.

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