What is an Explainer Video

Explainer videos are a great way to liven up your content with a unique style of art. They engage your customers with information in an easy to view, aesthetically pleasing manner. With explainer videos, you can drum up a considerable amount of interest in your product or service in a matter of seconds! Videos can say so much more than simple words alone when you’re trying to get a point across to someone. Using colorful visuals and humor will reach your clients and customers in unique and exciting ways.

Adding visuals to go along with your words can increase their impact with your customers tremendously. The average attention span of a person in the year 2000 was around 12 seconds. That means a person could lose interest in something, if not properly motivated or stimulated, in less time than it takes to chew a bite of steak. That number dropped drastically in 2013, so that now the average attention span of a person is just over eight seconds! That means from the time someone clicks you on your Web page, you only have a few seconds to catch their interest before they click off the page and go elsewhere.

It’s no secret that you can convey a lot more information in 10 seconds of video than someone could read on his or her own. If given a choice, it’s a safe assumption that almost anyone would rather watch a video than read. An explainer video can help drive home all the important points you want to make about your product or service in a quick and stylish manner. They can help add a little color and flare to your website, increase the overall appeal of your product or service, and can even help establish a personal connection with your target audience.