The Right Process of Making an Explainer Video

No matter whatever a business does, it wants it done in the best possible way that neither causes any wastage of resources and nor does it cost loss in the expected level of effectiveness. The only way things are done in the best manner is when they are done by following the right process.

Following the right process ensures that all the activities within a project get done in the best manner and that too without causing any excessive waste of resources. The lines below discuss the process of making an explainer video that ensures that the best videos get made and that too in the best possible price.

Work The Script

The first thing to do before anything else regarding explainer videos is to get the script ready. The script of a video is the backbone supporting the whole video. If the script is not right, there is nothing to move forward to in production, and if the business thinks that it can move forward on some rough draft, then it will definitely cost the effectiveness of the video to the business. Therefore, a business must make sure that at the beginning of the production process, the first thing it has ready is the script and it should not move forward without the script.


Once the script mentioning who is who ready, the next thing the business has to move on to is illustration. In the illustration the business has to decide upon all the elements of animation, like which kind of objects is it going to use in the video and which type of characters would represent it in the video. Illustration is of importance in the process and if its importance is somehow overlooked or undermined, it has a direct effect on the rest of the processes causing the production process to derail, therefore, it should never be considered less important.


Once the illustrations have been created, the next step in the explainer video production process is story boarding. With the help of the script and the illustrations that were made out of it, the business now has to give a storyline to the script and make sure that each and every element of the illustration fits in with the same element in the verbal form in the text of script. When storyboarding is not done, the ultimate result is the elements of script not falling into their right position, thus disturbing the entire production process.


Whatever you have finalized in storyboarding stage requires voice. Thus, after storyboarding you give voices to the elements of script making sure that each and every speaking being in your video has the most suitable voice.


Once everything is ready and finalized, the next and last thing left to do is animation. You give animation to your explainer video in the last stage. With the completion of animation, the explainer video production process comes to an end and from that point forward it’s all about marketing of the video.


In a nutshell, the process of production should be adhered to if the business requires a quality explainer video. If the process is not followed or any of its components are either ignored or undermined, the result is a low quality video with excessive cost.

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