The Most Common Types of Explainer Videos

Although an explainer video is primarily intended to convey the message of a business to the audience, whether it is some new product or the newly formed philosophy of the business, however, the way explainer videos are made are various and every business can chose its own way of making explainer videos.

There are numerous types of explainer videos, some of the most commonly used explainer vides are described as under.

Animated Videos

Some businesses use animated explainer videos to get their message across to the target audience. The animated videos can be made in different kinds of animation styles like in 2D, 3D and so on. One of the primary reasons why a business might choose animated videos can be that it wants to convey its message to the audience in an informal and casual manner.

Live Action Videos

In this type of explainer videos, a camera is used for the purpose of creating video. In these videos, real characters with real settings are used for the purpose of production. These videos are usually opted by the businesses who wish to convey the message to its audience on a more personal level.

Typography Videos

The typography videos usually comprise animated text. In this type of videos the text is used in an animated style to convey the message. This type of video is used by businesses that believe that they have a strong message that can be conveyed to the audience in the form of text and perhaps in a low budget as well.

In short, the aforementioned are the most commonly used types of explainer videos. A business might select any of them pertaining to the way it wants to convey its message to the audience whilst staying in the kind of budget it has for making the explainer video.

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