The Importance Of Explainer Videos For A Business

When it comes to online marketing or online brand management, the business has to be very cautious because of the connected nature of the online world. Any news spreads like fire in the jungle going from one tree to the other. Where this nature of online world stands as a threat, at the same time it stands as an opportunity as well for the business to get known across millions of people in the minimum time possible.

Pertaining to getting the business known to people in the minimum time possible, explainer videos come in quite handy. In addition to spreading the name of the business, the explainer videos are of grave importance in various other regards as well. The lines below discuss some factors that highlight the importance of explainer videos.

They Explain

The first and most imperative attribute of explainer videos that makes them important for a business is the fact that these videos explain what a business wants to convey to its customers. Sometimes it happens that the words fall short of explaining what a business wishes to communicate; similarly, static images fail to convey the message as well. Thus, combining both in the form of videos makes sure that the message is conveyed properly and exactly to the target audience.

Give A Face To Business

Another important factor that makes explainer videos extremely helpful and important for your business is the fact that these video give a face to your business.
Communicating with the audience in the form of text or any conventional way makes your business appear as a robot to the customers, however, when you make videos, the business is able to see your business as a person, and, when they see the brand as a person, their likability and share-ability of your brand increases.

Attention Grabbing

With explainer videos you create a script and that script is created by writing what your audience likes and what they are interested in, thus, explainer videos provide you with a chance to grab as much attention as possible. In explainer videos there is movement and there are things being done, which on contrary to conventional marketing via text has more attention grabbing potential. Ergo, if you wish the audience to stay connected with your brand and listen to your message with great attention and interest, then explainer videos are a means of doing so.

Increased Information Retention

When a video grabs more attention of the audience, it is quite natural that the audience that sees the video with greater attention retains more information from it as well. You want your target audience to retain information, because when they retain information their chances of moving on to the next level of sales funnel increase; therefore, using explainer videos can help move your target audience further into the sales funnel, allowing you to increase conversions.

Increased Traffic

Above all the simplest factor that makes explainer videos important for your business is the increased traffic. Videos grab more attention, easily go viral, and reach more people in the audience, therefore, a video on the website means greater traffic, and greater traffic means greater conversions.


In a nutshell, the explainer videos have become a crucial component of the online marketing strategy of businesses. With the help of it a business can achieve multiple objectives and make sure that with every video the business makes, the number of followers and customers keeps on increasing.

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