Factors To Consider When Selecting Music For Explainer Video

music_logo_by_justasbuzzPertaining to the production of an explainer video, the selection of the music to be played in the background is one of the integral components to decide upon among other things. Music has a pivotal role to play in the affect and effectiveness of the explainer video, therefore, it should not be undermined under any scenario.

If the music is not right, the explainer video will not be able to achieve the desired effect, hence causing it to lose its attention-grabbing element, which ultimately results in failure of the objectives associated with explainer videos. The lines below discuss the things you should consider pertaining to music selection for your explainer videos.

Consider The Feel

Music has a direct impact upon the audience and the way they feel. You need to understand and consider the way you want your audience to feel. You need to select the music that creates the desired feeling in your audience. If you want your audience to anticipate in your video, then you need to consider an according music that gives a feel of curiosity and mystery. Therefore, the way you want your audience to feel when watching the video is one of the things you should consider when making an explainer video.

The Tonic Key

The tonic key is the major music key and the use of it results in the provocation of greater emotion and sentiments. The use of this key has a direct impact on the emotional response of the audience causing it to behave and respond in a particular way. The tonic key along with other major keys help induce emotions that are positive, empowering, and uplifting, whereas the minor keys have an opposite effect. Therefore, it is imperative that for your music you use the tonic and major keys to ensure that your audience associates positively with the video and responds to the call to actions in the video.

Select The Right Genre

Like the major and minor keys, it is the genre of music that you select that has a direct impact on the mood of the audience and consequently their emotional response. The response produced by a pop background music will not be the same as a jazz music in background and so on. Therefore, it is of grave importance that you consider the genre of the music you are using and select it on the bases of the mood that genre creates in the target audience. The selection of genre would be directly proportional to the effectiveness of the video.

The Best Quality

The importance of music established, it is extremely importance that you use quality music in your explainer video. It means that if you are going to produce your own customized music for the video, you need to make sure that the music is of the best quality and not a secondary element that is completely ignored in your video.


Music in explainer video should not be something which you decide upon once the video is done, rather, it is something which you decide upon in the production phase and give it as much importance to it as you would give to any other element of the explainer video.

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