5 Questions To Ask Prior To Production Of An Explainer Video

Explainer videos do not require any introduction anymore. The use of explainer videos has become a necessity, which once was an optional thing for business. With the help of it a business can achieve various objectives and make sure that the online marketing strategy remains effective.

When making an explainer video on your own, there are a few questions that you have to ask yourself. The clarity with which you answer these questions predicts the success of your video in terms of its effectiveness. The lines below discuss five such questions that are pivotal to the production of a quality explainer video.

What’s The Purpose?

The first thing to ask is the purpose of making the explainer video. You need to precisely jot down all of your objectives that you wish to accomplish with the help of explainer videos and then from among those identify a single core objective that is the most crucial one. That crucial objective is the purpose of your video whether it is spreading information, gaining insight, generating a response and so on. If that purpose is fulfilled you can regard your video as successful and vice versa.

Who’s The Audience?

The second crucial question that needs to be addressed prior to making an explainer video is about the audience. You need to be absolutely sure about your target audience and their demographics. You need to know their age, their gender, their location, their income level and the things that interest them. Having knowledge of your target audience will help you produce the best explainer video because when you know your audience thoroughly, only then can you offer them what they expect from you in the video.

How’ll You Promote?

A good explainer video is worth nothing if it is not promoted properly by using the right means. Promotion is of such importance that it is something, which you have to consider before making the video. When you know the way you are going to promote your video, such as by TV ads, Youtube, and Facebook Videos, it will have a direct impact on the kind of video you make. Each of the different promotion platforms have their respective requirements, therefore, a TV ads video might not work the same way on YouTube or on a podcast. Ergo, the means of promotion need to be considered prior to making an explainer video.

What Action Do You Demand?

Above all the most crucial question that requires addressing when making a video is the action that you require from your target audience. Do you want them just to see the video? Inform them about something? Want them to inquire more about it? Or do you want them to become a lead in your defined way? All of these questions are which the crux of the videos you make is, therefore, you must be clear about them prior to starting the production process.


In short, you have to consider each and every aspect of an explainer video prior to starting production, whether it is related with your business or your target audience. The more you are clear about what’s, who’s, why’s and how’s, the more effective video will your produce for your business.

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