5 Mistakes To Avoid When Making An Explainer Video

As important it is to do the right things when making an explainer video, it is equally important to avoid doing the wrong things as well. It is not just the right things in a video that make it serve the purpose, rather it is the refraining from the wrongs as well that make the rights stand out and add to the effectiveness of the video.

There are some mistakes that businesses generally commit, which mar the effectiveness of explainer video and bring it down. The lines below discuss the common mistakes to avoid while making an explainer video.

Script Is Not That Important

Businesses under the impression that they have some great animation or a good live action video, undermine the importance of script. Businesses consider it a secondary element after animation or action and thus give it lesser importance. What businesses don’t realize is that script is the backbone of the video and it is the script that actually does the job of getting the proper message across. Therefore, considering script less important is a mistake that a business should avoid during the production of explainer video.

Too Much Information

Another mistake that businesses commit is of thinking that in the video they should give as much information as possible to the target audience so that the video makes up for every sort of information that businesses wishes to give to its audience. This is a wrong approach and an explainer video should be a combination of information and entertainment and not only information. When the balance is created only then is the attention of audience grabbed and boredom is kept at bay. Therefore, too much information should be avoided while producing an explainer video.

Too Lengthy

Out of the same notion of providing information to the audience, businesses when put too much information in the video it results in the video becoming long. Despite the fact that a business might have a strong script that grabs the attention of the audience, it is still difficult to retain the attention of the audience in a long span. Therefore, a long video is a mistake that needs to be avoided if a business is to produce an explainer video that grabs the attention of audience throughout its course.

Inappropriate Music

Another mistake that can have a devastating effect on an explainer video is the inappropriate music. A business can do everything right pertaining to making an explainer video, however, if it bombards it with an inappropriate kind of music that overwhelms the whole script or that is too annoying that audience is forced to close the video, then a business should reconsider it and avoid using such a music.

Extreme Pace

Another mistake that businesses might commit unintentionally is making a video that is either too fast or too slow. Both these extremes in the pace of the video have a negative impact on the audience. A fast paced video results in audience not being able to get the required information and a too slow video results in the audience losing interest. Therefore, the pace should be moderate in making a video.


In a nutshell, a business should keep in mind the aforementioned mistakes while producing an explainer video and make sure that these mistakes are not committed in the production process.

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