We produce high quality animated explainer videos, whiteboard videos and anything in between

About explainer videos in brief

The purpose of an explainer video is to present your company’s service or product in a short animated video. This is a visual tool that lets you deliver the right message to your customers the easiest way possible.

Longer version



Our Mission


We are animated video making addicts, real fans of video motion who keep on following the pulse of the trade. During a decade spent in the business we learned all the tidbits that really make the difference in animated videos. So we decided to launch our very own studio where we can make use of our experience for the good of our own clients. And those clients of ours are the most important for us. To understand their unique needs and goals that make every video different. We do not make videos on templates. And that’s why open communication and confidence is essential. We have a common goal.


Our Prices

We offer different packages based on the length and type of the video needed. We are very much aware that a starting business rarely can afford speding thousands on a promo video, so we encourage you to contact our friendly sales team for a personal quote. No hidden costs, no surprises. That is our motto.

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Who we are?

We are a small size video production studio with a vast experience in animated video production, illustration, storytelling as well as video-
and online-marketing. We got fed up with big name agencies sucking our creative minds throughout all those years working for them and in 2014
we started our own video making business. We are also friends in private life which makes our cooperation real smooth.

Why choose us?

If you have a vision or story on presenting your business we’ll make it come real in the digital world.
If you don’t have a creative idea however, just leave it to our veteran storytellers.

Why are your prices so affordable?

Here are some answer, pick the one you like :)

  • There is no middle person between you and us
  • We are quite a new studio and we need to enlarge our own portfolio
  • We know how much is enough
  • We are not greedy